Rose Bead Keepsakes combines beautifully scented,
handmade rose petal beads with semi-precious stones,
pearls and silver to make exquisite rose petal jewelry
and rosaries.  Each piece is unique to you- the beautiful
black beads are made from the roses you provide from
your special occasion.  Because of the personal quality
of the rose bead jewelry and rosaries only the finest
material available is used.  The detail and weight of the
sterling silver and the Swarovski crystals and pearls
demonstrate this commitment to quality.  

Beads made from crushed rose petals date back to
medieval times.  The early Christians made rose beads
and strung them onto twine or ribbon to count prayers,
hence the name "Rosary".  These prayers were sent up
to heaven by the scent of the rose beads. The Rose
Bead Company has revived this historical practice and
makes beads the traditional way, without fillers or
varnishes in a process that takes four to six weeks to
complete.  The rose beads we make retain a faint scent
of fresh roses that gets stronger from your body warmth
as you wear the jewelry or pray the rosary.

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 Rose Bead Keepsakes